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Welcome lovely to Sacred Mother,
My name is Alejandra Alarcón and I am originally from Chili. The Netherlands has been my home now for a very long time where I enjoy working and living with my family. I am a mother to two wonderful girls who have transformed me through my pregnancy and birth as a woman. It has been such a special, exciting, positive and wonderful experience to me. First of all the extremes our bodies can handle, the privilege of being pregnant and having a child. Because of these experiences and my never failing positive outlook I have decided to turn this into my work.

I found my calling in HypnoBirthing, a technique that by now I have been sharing for more then 8 years with love and immense pleasure. I have also delved deeper into learning about the process and tradition of birthing. I am also a certified Doula, pregnancy and parent & child yoga teacher, and nature lover and coach. This in order to get to a deeper level and to help mothers and fathers over a longer period of time. I am also a Trauma for babies and toddlers therapist, so that I am also able to further understand and help this small target group. And to help parents understand why a child feels the way they feel after experiencing something like that. I also started some years ago to do more with my native backgroup. I like to learn from the source and been learning from the panos, the Inca Sjamanism. My love for Pacha Mama has grown a lot. My wish is to make all aware that we know so much for centuries. And to connect again with this knowledge. The care and love with ceremonies and the elements of live has given me s much guidance. And to intergrade this ancient knowledge into my work and daily life.

What used to be just my passion has now become my mission to share with the world. I look forward to sharing it with you!

I speak Dutch, English and Spanish. I have guided several cultures and families in becoming a family in The Netherlands. ❤️ [xxxxxxx]


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  • KVK-number : 57078785
  • VAT-number : NL001610850B43
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  • Main diploma : Certified HypnoBirthing Teacher (Certified in 2022)
  • Other diploma : Bia Doula Training (Certified in 2019)
  • Other diploma : Certified Shantala Babymassage Teacher - Massage Academie Nederland (2013)
  • Other diploma : Certified Yoga Teacher - Integrale Yoga Nederland (2013)


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Re en Les X.

Wij hebben een privécursus hypnobirthing gevolgd bij Alejandra van Stralende Mama. Wat een geweldige start van onze hypnobirthing journey! Vanaf dag één klikte het direct met Alejandra. Haar positieve energie was aanstekelijk en haar professionaliteit en ervaring waren meteen duidelijk. Alejandra doet haar werk met passie en vanuit het hart, waardoor we ons vanaf het begin op ons gemak voelden. Ze is echt meer dan alleen een hypnobirthing coach. Mijn partner zag, ondanks zijn open instelling, in eerste instantie niet de toegevoegde waarde van een hypnobirthing cursus. Na de eerste les was hij echter helemaal van mening veranderd. Alejandra had hem namelijk bewust gemaakt van de impact van zijn aanwezigheid en vooral zijn rol tijdens de zwangerschap en de geboorte. Daarnaast zag hij door Alejandra in hoe mooi een geboorteproces kan zijn als je het vanuit de oerkracht bekijkt en deze ook gebruikt. Onze privécursus was heel fijn georganiseerd. De lessen vloeiden soepel in elkaar over en de informatie was duidelijk en gemakkelijk te begrijpen. Ondanks dat Alejandra een planning voor ons had uitgestippeld, creëerde ze voldoende ruimte voor onze persoonlijke behoeften binnen de cursus. Tijdens de cursus hebben we meerdere technieken geoefend en naar verschillende geboortes gekeken. Dat vonden wij heel fijn. Deze technieken, waaronder ademhaling en visualisatie, waren ongelooflijk waardevol tijdens mijn zwangerschap en vooral tijdens de geboorte. Alejandra hielp ons mede dankzij de filmpjes en opdrachten om onze angsten en spanning om te zetten in zelfvertrouwen en positiviteit. Daarnaast benadrukte ze dat we konden vertrouwen op onze innerlijke oerkracht en de natuurlijke geboorteprocessen. Door het bovenstaande keken we na elke les weer uit naar de volgende les en keken we na de laatste les vol vertrouwen en met plezier uit naar het geboorteproces met elkaar. We hebben een prachtig geboorteproces gehad, waarbij ik mijn oerkracht heb kunnen inzetten. Ik had alle vertrouwen in mijn lichaam en bij elke wee herinnerde ik mezelf dat elke wee me dichter bij mijn kindje bracht, zoals Alejandra mij dat had meegegeven. Doordat mijn partner bewust was geworden van zijn rol tijdens de zwangerschap en de geboorte, kon ik naar binnen keren en op mijn lichaam focussen. Ik was helemaal zen. Al met al heeft de hypnobirthing cursus zoveel impact gehad waardoor we bijna het gevoel kregen dat Alejandra bij ons was tijdens het geboorteproces. Ik zou deze cursus van Alejandra zonder twijfel aanbevelen aan elke zwangere vrouw die wilt leren hoe je vol zelfvertrouwen en in rust de leiding kan nemen over je lichaam tijdens jouw geboorteproces. Het heeft ons geholpen onze angsten te overwinnen en ongeacht de situatie te vertrouwen op je lichaam. Daar zijn we ongelooflijk dankbaar voor. We willen je nogmaals bedanken lieve Alejandra! Liefs, Re en Les

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Anne T.

I had the pleasure to do the HypnoBirthing course with Alejandra in a private setting and afterwards she was also my doula. I cannot recommend her enough! She has so much knowledge, wisdom and warmth in her, she guided me according to my needs, she listened, confirmed, encouraged, and never made me feel uncared for. Her intuition is on point and she does her thing wholeheartedly. I wish I had Ale with my first birthing (which was really long and exhausting) but at least I got her now with my second one. I have so much appreciation and love for my experience with Alejandra.

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Balen R.

My two beautiful birth experiences For our first pregnancy my husband and I joined a lovely hypnobirthing course. We learned a lot during this course. And I felt I also wanted het as our Doula. She explained during the course that she also offers Doula support. We had a click during this day. At first we did not know what a Doula is and does. As she explained further, and before even the course was finished I already knew I wanted Alejandra as our doula. And we met after the course to talk about our wishes. During our birth we immediately connected the way we wanted and it have is trust to give birth our way. And it also gave me some sort of peace. I really wanted a natural birth, and so we did. Alejandra supported us during my pregnancy , during giving birth and after birth. I felt like she is part of my family now and she stil is since we met. She was with me the whole time and gave my partner the support and guidance he needed. Well not long after our little girl was born I got pregnant with my 2end child. And guess what Alejandra was my doula again. This was not a question it was a desperate feeling that I wanted her again next to me and my family. And omg she was so helpful to guide me during my contraction. I thought first it's gonna take a long time just like my 1st birth. But she made sure that I should call my midwife, and yes she was right. She was on the phone asking me did you call your midwife is her on her way? I was stil thinking I have time to clean and go to the store. And again she was there to support and say the right things. She was even sending me affirmations. And when the midwife came, I was already 9 cm dilated. I could not believe. There I was almost fully dilated. She made sure that she could be there during my second birth in the hospital. Again she was a big support to my husband and me of course. We did some Rebozo, breathing, affirmations, massage, I took a shower and then I felt I needed to push. We had the most amazing birth. I cant imagine without her giving birth in the hospital. Can you believe she was on time to help me during that last part on time. After she came with us home and we ate Some lentil soup Made by my mother. She stayer for hours to make sure I was fine, baby was fine and my older girl. She was there for both of my natural births. Also post parfum we did some steaming, massage, warm oils and many beautiful things what are so important for a new family. The love, the care, silence, help, massage, food, and just someone who guides you through motherhood. As we can say my family gain a beautiful friendship that I will keep for life time. We are so happy that Alejandra was our doula teocracia for the amazing support and experiences we will cherish forever. All the best, Balen and family

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Aysegul K.

I had the pleasure of meeting Alejandra during her hypno-birthing course. There was a great connection between us about giving natural birth which is why I asked her to be my doula.  The hypno birthing course helped me to realize that I had to think differently about labour pain and that I had to change my mindset to be able to embrace the process of giving natural birth without jumping into pain killers.  In the weeks leading up to birth, Alejandra was always there for me to support her with her warm, energetic and open personality. She really knows how to listen to a woman's feeling and how to help her. Her special reboza massages and support were a great relief in difficult moments.  I will never forget the support she gave me during my one hour push contractions. I can only describe it as the most difficult moment in my life, and she helped me through it as no other woman could ever have done.  Alejandra is blessed with a gift to support woman during the most vulnerable time of their life and she uses this gift to the best of her ability.

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Narx G.

Un resultado diferente… Durante mucho tiempo escuché experiencias complicadas al dar a luz, decidí buscar ayuda profesional y encontré a Alejandra, quien me guió en recta final del embarazo, el cual se complicó debido a ser diagnosticada con Colestasis gestacional, me sentía muy tensa, Alejandra me apoyó para controlar mi temor a la inducción a parto, el tener conocimiento y las palabras adecuadas me ayudaron a lograrlo sin complicaciones, en poco tiempo y siempre con la idea en mi mente de que mi cuerpo es capaz de dar a luz en armonía Gracias Ale!

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Alivia H.

One of the toughest challenge as expats in the Netherlands is giving birth with no family support and in our case also during the Covid era when none of our own could fly here due to the restrictions of travelling and then came Alejandra in our life to make the whole birthing journey so easy and smooth that not having any family member really didn't matter, she eventually became one of our family member with time, her positivity, never give up attitude and her bright smile completes her entire package. I was very anxious about my second pregnancy because according to the doctors it was also a risky one, but with the help of skillful doctors at the AMC and Alejandra standing right beside me during the entire process made my birthing journey so beautiful. Alejandra's skills are incomparable, from pre and post partum massages to breathing exercises to helping in inducing labor she knows it all and is a thorough professional. Can gladly say that she entered as a stranger in my life but is now a part of my extended family, yes she is the best and a God sent angel during my pregnancy! Thoroughly recommend her and wish her all the best in all her future endeavors :)

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Indrajeet T.

It is amazing feeling when you get to know first time that you are going to be parents, One finds out cultural difference, medical system difference and more over one misses family support too, well we had the same worries when we got to know we are going to be parents, there was excitement at the same time we were worried about how are we going to do it without family support, then we heard about a Doula it was a new concept for us. But when we met Alejandra through video call, She clarified all our doubts. She congratulated us, and asked us not to worry at all instead advised us to start enjoying the process/journey, She was really friendly, She asked us what do you want me to be for you during this period, I can be your family support, I can be friend , I will help you out in any manner that you need in this journey. Alejandra would come time to time to know about well being of Mother and baby, She helped my wife with breathing technique which was very important, She always cracks jokes to make you feel better, We had a great midwife practice and Alejandra, She would always talk to my wife about positivity during pregnancy period and how important it is to feel connected with baby, we knew that we are in good hands and whatever is the situation she is there to guide us. Then comes the D day, my wife started having contraction and I immediately called Alejandra and there she is in middle of night with her own car so that we do not need to worry about transportation in night. She came up with all the essentials stuff that makes mother feel comfortable during labour (like comb, some special pillow etc), She took us to the Hospital and there she was constantly talking to my wife, trying to make her laugh with some jokes or with some funny incident that we all encountered. I was holding my wife hand on one side and Alejandra was holding my wife hand on other side to let her know that we all there with her. My wife was in really big pain and I was not able to see my wife like that so we decided to take pain killer, but the expert to give pain killer would come little late (after 1.5 hour), then they suggested us to take another pain killer and then we looked at Alejandra, she told my wife to take a shower and then decide, Alejandra is expert, She knew it that shower helps a lot and definitely better than pain killer, My wife started taking shower and at the same time Alejandra suggested me to start praying or chanting mantras (whichever I know ), trust me it really helped, then by the time my wife came out of shower, She was fully dilated in 20 min and in next few minutes baby was in our hand. I would say. My wife is really brave, when she heard that pain killer might have some side effect on baby, she chose to bear pain and at the same time , Alejandra’s advise of taking helped her. I would say, without Alejandra probably we would not be able to deliver baby naturally, or I can say that we had this thing in our mind that Alejandra is there so nothing will go wrong, there is some one for us, She has become now part of family and I am really thankful to her. We love Alejandra :-) I am writing this to help all those people who are living far away from their country and feel worried about pregnancy, about culture differences or any other issues, please have guidance of Doula, It is worth it and you will really be proud of your decision of taking Doula service through out your life.

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Sacred Mother

The best client/friend, we started with a private HypnoBirthing sessions at home. Then I was hired as her Birth Doula, which was amazing and How she wanted a home birth. I did also pist Partum support with the bengkung belly bind. And after our 40 days we did the Mayan Closing ceremony. It was an amazing journey to be part of. Thanks for the trust, the moments and all we shared ♥️

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