How we select providers

→ Parentally connects expectant and new parents with the providers who can offer them extra care and support during pregnancy, birth, postpartum and their first years as parents.

Our objective is to feature a network of qualified and trustworthy providers on our platform so you can find the most suitable and caring options for your needs.

✓ To ensure the quality of our network and its reliability, we have set a few criteria to select our providers.
These selection criteria include the verification of:

  • The provider’s identity: we check their valid Identification document;
  • Their business information: we check their KvK-nummer and address;
  • Their qualifications: we check their diplomas and other relevant trainings/certifications;
  • Their reputation: we check their online reputation and do our best to collect feedback from fellow professionals.

✓ We also keep a close eye on their interactions on the platform to make sure that:

  • They abide to our General Terms & Conditions;
  • They interact in a professional and friendly manner with our users; 
  • They respect their engagenements: answering booking requests in a timely manner, showing up on time for their consultation, answering messages, etc.;
  • They offer a good quality of service and receive positive feedbacks.

Together with our providers, we hope we can make a meaningful contribution to parents and parents-to-be’s lives by fostering their overall wellbeing and happiness.

So they can enjoy their parenthood journey to its fullest.


Note: The services and information offered on Parentally focus on complementing the ones provided by midwives, GPs, and other Healthcare providers in charge of following you before, during and after birth. Our services should not be considered as a valid replacement option to medical consultations, nor should our content be considered as a medical or personalized advice. In case of a medical condition or for any medical advice, please refer to your midwife or other HCP.