How to join as a Practitioner

Welcome to Parentally, the go-to platform for future and new parents looking for extra care and support during Pregnancy, Birth, Postpartum, and Early years of Parenthood. 
We help you find new clients, grow your business, and simplify the management of your activities.

Parentally is a platform enabling parents to easily search, connect, and book services with practitioners and service providers specializing in perinatal and parenting support. It was created by a mum convinced of the importance of a good network for extra care and support before, during, and after birth. So parents feel better prepared to overcome their inherent challenges, and can enjoy their parenthood to its fullest. 

With Parentally, we aim to complement the care and support provided by midwives and traditional healthcare providers in the best possible ways. We do so by enabling parents and parents-to-be to not only find information about the range of perinatal and parental care services available to them, but also by faciliting the search, comparison, and connection with the practitioners.

→ Why join us

The right support at the right time can make a big difference in a new family's life. Our objective is to raise awareness about the range of complementary care and support available to parents and parents to-be, and create a network of qualified and trustworthy practitioners and service providers to cover their every need in a holistic way. The platform features a wide range of services ranging from birth preparation courses to perinatal massages and fitness, doulas, postpartum care providers, lactation consultants, child sleep trainers, nutritionists, coaches, and more. 

Join us now to start offering your services!

→ Our subscription plan

The subscription fee to be listed on Parentally is 120 Euros excl. VAT for 12 months of visibility on the platform. This will enable you to:

  • Publish and update your listing, services, prices and availabilities
  • Receive booking requests, and accept or decline them
  • Receive online payments if you decide to use Parentally as a booking tool
  • Use our integrated tool for online video-consultations
  • Publish and receive reviews
  • Interact with other fellow providers within our private online community
  • Take advantage of additional communications opportunities offered by Parentally.

You can choose to pause or delete your account at any time, effective end of the month. Pausing your account is only allowed for up to 6 months during which your data and history will be saved. After 6 months, if you choose not to resume, your account will be deleted permanently.

→ The key benefits to joining Parentally as a Practitioner

Parentally offers you some tangible benefits when it comes to your business, including:

  • Exposure to a larger audience of potential clients
  • Increased potential revenues thanks to our marketing and communication efforts to attract expectant and new parents;
  • A serious and trustworthy platform that facilitates contact making and booking requests for parents;
  • An easy management of your availabilities, service descriptions, and price lists;
  • An integrated tool for online video consultations when in person consults are not possible or convenient;
  • An improved online visibility thanks to verified reviews by parents;
  • Multiple communication opportunities on Parentally platforms to promote your services;
  • An access to fellow providers to make contact, exchange feedback, forge potential collaborations and create opportunities.

→ Our joint commitments to parents and parents-to-be

We believe that overall wellbeing is crucial to a serene and fulfilling pregnancy to parenthood journey. By connecting expectant and new parents with our network of providers, we aim to provide them with benevolent and caring support to help them feel better and thrive. Empathy, honesty, trust, reliability, transparency, and resilience are our core values. They are at the source of everything we intend to share and offer. Together with you, we hope we can make a meaningful contribution giving families the best start.

→ Our selection criteria

As a practitioner, you will need to fulfill some criteria to be able to offer your services on Parentally. These include the validation of:

  • Your identity and business information
  • Your diplomas and other certifications/trainings

Parentally reserves the right to decline any registration that would not comply with these conditions.

→ How to register as a Practitioner: the step-by-step guide

  1. Click on the following link to create your account and start your registration:
  2. Choose “I am a practitioner”
  3. Fill in your identity and contact details
  4. Tick the boxes to accept our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy
  5. Hit “Sign up” > You will automatically be redirected to your Profile page so you can start entering contact information and details about yourself
  6. Then create your first listing to introduce your company and services:

IMPORTANT: We also kindly ask you to send us the copies of your relevant diplomas/trainings/certifications: these documents will be used for verification purposes only and will not be shared with third parties. You can securely upload these documents by clicking on the link provided in the aforementioned confirmation email. The documents will be saved on our secure servers on widely trusted provider pCloud.

Once you hit "Submit your Listing" at step 3 of the Listing creation process, your listing is placed 'under review' until we can verify your account information.
While it's under review, you can always access your Listing to add more services in your Catalogue or edit its content.

Once approved by our team, your listing will be live on the platform! Welcome to Parentally ❤


Don’t hesitate to contact us by email at or by telephone at +31 20 244 38 61 should you need any help. Our team is available to assist you and answer your questions!

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