Our story

Hi! I'm Karoll, founder of Parentally and proud mom of these 2 little rascals.

I embarked on my pregnancy journeys in adopted countries. In new healthcare systems and far from friends and family, I could really feel lost and lonely at times. And I often found myself looking for more support to feel a little less lost and a little less lonely. Searching for solutions to help me feel more confident and better prepared for these monumental changes in my life.

While I could collect info on Google or get some recommendations here and there, I still found it difficult to get an exhaustive overview of what was available out there to help me, both physically and emotionally. But finding the right support eventually did make a whole difference. I felt understood and supported. And I also realized there was this incredible world of passionate and caring professionals devoted to helping mom, baby and new families, yet struggling to also find and connect with us parents.

Sharing with friends and colleagues, it became clear that my experience was not unique -and also not only an expat one. This feeling of loneliness and helplessness was also shared by many parents. Yet finding the right support remained a tortuous and time-consuming task.

Until now ♥︎ Parentally was created with the desire to raise awareness around the diversity and richness of perinatal and parental care available as well as to facilitate the connection between (future) parents and trustworthy practitioners. Our wish is to provide a friendly and easy-to-use platform answering the needs of both parents and practitioners.

As a practitioner, Parentally is the tool you need to become more visible and connect with more parents. As a parent, it is your go-to platform to find holistic care and support, from the first day of your pregnancy to your first years as a parent. 

Contact me per email at karoll@parentally.nl

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