Our story

We are two proud moms, Maud of 3 kids and Karoll of 2.

We both embarked on the journey of parenthood in an adopted country, The Netherlands. In a new healthcare system, and far from friends and family, we found ourselves searching for physical and emotional support during our pregnancies, births and our kids’ early years. We were able to google and get recommendations from friends and midwives, but couldn’t find an overview of everything available and make a choice specifically for our needs.

When we did find support, we had life changing experiences with providers, felt understood and supported. We realized there was this incredible world of passionate and caring professionals dedicated to helping mom and baby, yet struggling to also find and connect with us parents.

After sharing our stories with friends and colleagues we realized that our experience was not a uniquely expat one - it was something shared by many parents. Some of the best caregivers are independent operators without a team or network to specifically help reach new parents. There is no overview of all of the incredible natural, holistic perinatal care available beyond the traditional health system. In a time when a personal connection is crucial, it’s hard to know if a provider is a right match based only on a name and phone number. 

Until now. We created Parentally with the desire to raise awareness around perinatal and parental care as well as to facilitate the connection between parents (to be) and trustworthy service providers and therapists. With our platform, we aim to complement the extraordinary work of traditional healthcare professionals such as midwifes, ob-gyn, and pediatricians, in the most natural ways possible. 

We’ve used our commercial and marketing expertise, as well as our mums’ magic, to develop a friendly and easy-to-use platform catering to the needs of both parents and providers. As a provider, Parentally is the tool you need to connect with more parents. As a parent, it is your go-to platform from the first day of your pregnancy to your first years as a parent.

Contact us per email at: maud@parentally.nl and karoll@parentally.nl

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