Our Ethics and Values

We founded Parentally because we truly believe that a holistic support can have a tremendous impact on how mums and dads experience pregnancy and parenthood.

Empathy, honesty, trust, reliability, transparency, and resilience are our core values - informing every decision and action we take with our parents, providers and the company. These principles guide us daily on our mission to make parenthood even more beautiful. 

You can count on us to:

  • Provide honest answers. We always strive to give clear and transparent answers to the questions you might have and request our providers to follow the same code of conduct.  
  • Share reliable content. While the content we share on our platform should never be taken as personalised advice, it is always written in good faith and with the intention to help you make informed decisions. 
  • Select trustworthy partners. All the providers present on the platform are screened using objective criterias and presented to you in an equal manner. 
  • Be supportive. Parenthood is a hectic journey: we intend to provide non-judgmental support to all parents, no matter what their personal situation is.
  • Protect your personal data. We will never use your data for another purpose than the ones described in our Privacy Policy and always ask your consent for additional use. 

Note: Parentally aims to complement the services and information provided by your midwife and other traditional health care professionals. By no means do we intend to replace the regular consultations you have with your HCPs (midwife, GP, gynaecologist, pediatrician, etc). Please discuss any care you arrange with your healthcare provider.