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Hi , lovely to connect with you here!

In today’s fast-paced world, it's easy to lose sight of our connection to our bodies and nature.  As a result, when we approach the most natural and wondrous life event – childbirth – we may be gripped by fear and uncertainty about our capacity to navigate it. 

However, pregnancy and birth are at the heart of your power and magic. This journey can serve as a voyage of self-discovery. It can uncover your inner strengths, unlock the feminine power and wisdom you possess so that you experience motherhood exactly as you've always desired. 

For the past two decades, I have dedicated my life to researching, learning, and immersing myself in the realms of fertility, pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood. 

Through the Femme Flow Movement Method, I am here to accompany you and your partner every step of the way. Together, we will create a roadmap that leads to a blissful and fulfilling experience of childbirth, bringing your vision of motherhood to life.

Welcome to your motherhood journey, the mother of all journeys!


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  • Phone number : 0685365403
  • Email : inbal@isishypnobirthing.nl
  • Instagram : @inbal.sigler
  • Website : https://isishypnobirthing.nl/

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  • KVK-number : 55637884
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  • Main diploma : HypnoBirthing Institute- HypnoBirthing practitioner Diploma
  • Other diploma : Yoga Moves- Yoga teacher
  • Other diploma : HypnoFertility Practitioner
  • Other diploma : BiA Doula Training


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Tiffany G.

Inbal has been critical to me in deepening and leaning into the divine feminine and my matrescence journey.She helped me to connect to my baby, feel confident and powerful, to trust my body which translated into a powerful and peaceful birth journey of my son. For anyone considering birth preparation I can highly recommend Inbal and all of her magic!

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Anna N.

The birth of my dreams!!!  2 hour labor with 6 mins of the pushing phase. I feel so peaceful and complete. I cannot thank Inbal enough for guiding me to this space and relationship with birthing. What a transformative, empowering and sacred privilege giving birth is!

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Wendy V.

Inbal’s guidance, support and care has made a huge difference for me, my partner, and most importantly for our son. Our miracle was born in the pool in our home. By sunrise the waves started and by noon our baby arrived relaxed and happy. Now weeks later he is still this way. We are convinced that his relaxed birth and pregnancy are the main reason for this. I highly recommend Inbal and are forever thankful for the energy, her warm presence and love we received from her in these amazing times during and after giving birth.

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Emma B.

Words can’t even begin to express how proud I am of myself for finally experiencing the magical home birth I always dreamed of. Something that didn’t necessarily seem meant for me after a first birth that ended with an emergency c-section and an intense second birth. But I did it and my heart has been bursting with love ever since. I am deeply grateful that our paths have crossed. The timing was divine, as is the work you do, guiding women towards the birth of their dreams. I'm forever grateful for experiencing this magical and empowering birth.

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This is one of my favorite classes. I feel so strong, alive, and all my parts are well connected after this class. My energy feels balanced. The class feels gentle, but it goes very deep. It helps strengthen and align parts where I have old injuries. After the class I move better with less or no pain. Another thing I love is how clearly Inbal gives verbal directions. Because of this, I am able to follow along and stay in the motion without having to come out of it to look at her to understand what I'm supposed to be doing, which helps me get the most out of every movement.

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Wendy R.

Recommended course for all expectant parents, to sync with your body and baby and to learn in a different way about the process of labor and delivery.

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