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My name is Elvira Broersma (1990) and I am a birth & postpartum doula and holistic coach. Love giving pre- & postnatal massages / treatments in combination with some Cranio Sacral work (fantastic to calm the nervous system)
I am born and raised in Friesland (NL), always kept the down to earth mindset but at the age of 18 I broaden my horizon by exploring the world. I studied/worked and lived in Germany, Spain and Australia (and therefore speak my languages.) Since 2015 I settled down in Amsterdam, where I still live with my cats.
In 2018 I resigned from my job as an international account manager at a Corporate Real Estate company out of unhappiness and physical pain. Then started listening more to the wisdom of my body and true inner voice. Which led me to become a holistic (lifestyle) coach and doula.

I am now working full time on my passion to increase awareness and knowledge in people, especially around birth. Including the pre- and perinatal period, the birth itself and the postpartum period. So more children can come into this world in trust and love.

As a doula I help you and your partner during pregnancy to face the birth with optimism and confidence. During childbirth I guide you with an immense believe in your own power, with respect for your wishes and choices so you give birth in your own way. Where helpful, I will give you and your partner practical tips, help you to get out of your head and into your body and should things get tough, I will be the pillar of support for you and your partner. Whether you give birth in a hospital, a birth centre or at home, I will care for you and stay by your side for a few hours after birth.

Giving birth is something you do with your body and not with your head, so it is important that you feel relaxed and safe. This is where I want to support women; help you relax (also in massaging), put you at ease and harness that female energy to prepare you for birth in an empowering and nurturing way. Enabling you to make conscious decisions in connection with yourself, your baby and your partner. You do not have to do this all by yourself. I feel honoured and grateful where I can support you in this, so a child – but also a mother and father – can be born in connectedness, trust and love. Because I believe a positive birth experience is vital for families.

As a postpartum doula I mostly come in when the kraamzorg has left, to provide holistic non-medical physical, practical and emotional support during the first postnatal weeks. During pregnancy I could already help prepare for parenthood. I feel and carry you, so you can take care of your newborn.

Others describe me as warm, calm and loving, but also decisive and direct when the situation calls for it. I am led by my heart, with a deep trust in life and embrace my intuitive and empathic self. Because of this I sense things well and herein lies by strength. No other event in life changes you as profoundly as the birth of a child, I would be honored to be by your side and support you on this magical journey.


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  • Phone number : +31683141487
  • Email : contact@elvirabroersma.nl
  • Instagram : @elvirabroersma
  • Website : https://www.elvirabroersma.nl/

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  • KVK-number : 73233072
  • VAT-number : NL002214624B17
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My Diplomas & Trainings

  • Main diploma : Certified Birth Doula - Doula Academie (2021)
  • Other diploma : Certified Holistic Lifestyle Coach - Academie voor Holistisch Coachen
  • Other diploma : Clinical Doula internship certificate @ Amsterdam UMC (2021)
  • Other diploma : Postpartum Care Provider Training - Midwife Cafe with Jacky Bloemraad