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My name is Heather Berry. I am a Postpartum advocate, mentor, and coach. I specialize in postpartum support for expat moms.

I was born and raised in Canada, where I received my Bachelor of Nursing degree. I have over 15 years of nursing expertise during the postpartum period and beyond. During my nursing career, I also became a mother to 3 amazing children (2 sons and a daughter), my greatest accomplishment. I moved to Dubai with my family in 2008, where I achieved my professional certification in Co-Active Coaching at the Coaches Training Institute. It is widely recognized as the most rigorous professional coach training and certification program in the industry. I have been doing transitional coaching now for 7 years, in addition to my postpartum nursing job. In August of 2021, we moved to Amsterdam where I have decided to combine my background in postpartum nursing, coaching and expatriate experience, to help guide and support new and/or expat moms and their partners with the physical, social, and emotional adjustment to the multiple challenges and changes of motherhood and parenting.

From my postpartum nursing and personal life experiences, I believe, and have felt, that there is no greater change in life than the positive and negative transitions to Motherhood. The changes and challenges that come with this transition can, and will, at times, feel overwhelming. This is when having support is crucial, and this is how I can help you. I have a practical, honest, humorous, empathetic approach to connecting and working with others. I believe in authenticity and being real. I will help you to navigate this time by observing, guiding, actively listening, teaching, walking and coaching, to support you with my caring knowledge, my understanding, my strong intuition, and my gentle, holistic approach, so that you can begin to function as a new, happy and healthy family unit. You will be able to embrace, appreciate and adapt to motherhood with a sense of connection, confidence, and reassurance.

I offer 1, 3 and 5 session packages tailored to meet your specific needs and/or concerns. During the free Introductory session, we can discuss which package suits you best.


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