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Hey! I'm Harriet, an English born Amsterdam based birth coach.

I'm here to hold your hand and be a support blanket as you navigate your journey into parenthood.

I work with expat families, ones who are looking for an extra member of their support team, who want a bit of help navigating the Dutch system, and want to connect to their power and rock their birth.

And my job isn't done after the baby is born!

We get so focused on the birth, but we totally neglect the postnatal period. I'll help you prepare and plan for postnatal life, and I'll be there by your side. Whether you need some help with feeding your family, someone to talk to, or even someone to look after your baby while you take a shower - I got you!


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  • Phone number : +31655287519
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  • KVK-number : 78457416
  • VAT-number : NL354270436B01
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  • Main diploma : Student at Badass Doulas
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Bianca H.

We are so grateful to have had Harriet by our side in our birth experience. She helped us to prepare for and process our birth, and all the emotions that go along with it. Thank you Harriet!

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Julie P.

Harriet advocated our preferences without diminishing the role of anyone else involved in our birth and cheered me on from the sidelines when I lost faith in myself. Plus, she's pretty good at back rubs when the contractions take over!

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