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Hi there, my name is Desie, I was born in 1979 and together with my husband en our three children I live in Eindhoven.

After obtaining a physics degree, I’ve been working in a research & development department for many years. My evidence based mindset has been nurtured and developed by this environment and together with my down-to-earth mentality this defines me as a woman. My interest in becoming a doula started growing after giving birth to my own children. I attended many trainings and conferences to explore this interest. I’m active as a doula since 2017 and I completed my education at BiA-Doulatraining. With pride I call myself a birth-nerd nowadays.

Family and friends describe me as friendly, gentle, calm, reliable and cheerful. I’m a good listener and I’m often told that people feel comfortable around me. I love to play the piano and to have long walks (or runs) in the woods with my dog. I’m a people person; making true connection makes me happy.

The birth of a child is a life event. A positive experience gives you a head start into this new stage and remains something to get confidence and strength from for the rest of your life. I wish for every mother to have a beautiful birth; that you felt strong and in control, that you not endured it, but experienced and owned it. I’m passionately dedicated to achieving this.

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  • Main diploma : BiA Doula training (Certified in 2020)
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Nora V.

When I met Desie for the first time I expressed my concerns and doubts about whether I would be able to give birth vaginally this time. She took my hand and said “you can do this“. That touched me deeply in my heart. Desie radiates a very warm, feminine, calm energy. I was able to use Desie's softness during labor to stay close to myself and to turn inward and surrender to giving birth. I really liked her coaching. Her continuous attention to my breathing and my use of voice helped very well to cope with the contractions. If I hadn't had that support from her, I wouldn't have had this wonderful birth. Six weeks after the delivery I had the last official meeting with Desie and she shared some nice details about the delivery that I missed. This is also very nice.

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Malou R.

Desie is very calm, interested, really takes time for you and above all has a very warm appearance which immediately creates a safe feeling. That is what I needed because I only wanted someone at my delivery with whom I felt 100% comfortable and safe. The prenatal appointments were very informative, however pleasant as well. During labor she never was very present and also easily remained in the background, but she was very much involved. We thought that was a very good balance. I gave birth naturally without medical intervention, just like I wanted. We are sure the birth would not have gone so well if Desie had not been there.

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Pradnya P.

We found her so professional that we never had a second thought about teaming up with her after our first meeting. A very warm, polite, loving person with an ever smiling face. With our frequent communication over 3-4 months she made me feel very comfortable in sharing my feelings. During labor I was challenged a bit but her support, motivation and constant assurance kept me going. Desie made me feel I am in safe hands and it helped me to stay focused and positive during the whole process. She did an excellent job with camera and clicked wonderful photos for us to cherish lifelong. Thank you so much Desie for being part of this extraordinary event of my life, birth of our son and giving your personal touch to the support you provided not only to me but also to my husband.

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