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Since young age I realized I am good with kids especially with babies, that is why I chose to work as a nanny for years in Hungary and in the Netherlands. I love the non-verbal communication, reading signs and body language, sensing and feeling the baby's moods and emotions.
As a trained dancer I am into movement analyzing, curious of what a body can do, and how far it can go and how it can express itself as an instrument. 
When I found out about Shantala baby massage something clicked, I just knew it is something I have to learn. It is a pleasure to teach caretakers how to massage their babies.

My mission is to spread the importance of the baby massage and teach many parents how to create an unbreakable bond between their child.


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  • Main diploma : Shantala Baby Massage teacher
  • Other diploma : Modern Dance teacher
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Claudia -.

My experience with Niki was great. She was able to handle the situation with my little daughter Isa who is 6 months old and doesn't stay quiet for so long. Niki made a good connection with Isa and knew that she would love the Baby Yoga exercises. Isa was laughing while doing it. It was a new and nice experience.

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Avalon -.

Nikolett is very easy going and she really tunes in with the baby. She has a lot of patience and understanding of the parents and baby's situation. Her voice is super calming and sweet. She makes good contact with the baby. Her massage techniques are very easy to follow and nice to do as parents. It was a beautiful gift!

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Lisa -.

I met Niki during her education to become a Shantala Baby Massage instructor. She was looking for a baby to practice the techniques she had learned during the course - the baby was my daughter. Already by then she was very skilled in giving the massage as well as to explaining me what to do and why to do it. She has definitely a talent to connect with babies and make them feel at ease and relaxed. She has a lovely and calming energy that effects the people and babies she works with and their surroundings. Giving Shantala Baby Massage courses is a great choice of Niki - she is a natural-born talent!

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Wendy -.

My neighbor asked me if I am interested in baby massage, and I thought my daughter Puck would love it, that's how I got to know Niki. Puck loves the massage. Niki explains everything she does so well and she gives a lot of background information. She is also great with Puck. Every week she is teaching a different part so that I can fully understand every part of the baby massage techniques. For Puck and me it is a beautiful moment of quality time, Thank you so much, Niki.

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