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As a mother of three young kids (then 1, 4 and 7 now 15,13 and 8), I decided to quit my job
as Head of Research and Development at IMC Weekendschool. As a pedagogue (child
developmentalist), I wanted to spend more time with my own kids, while working with families.
I was searching for a way to combine my passion for children and parenting and my
drive to run my own business, in my own time so I could be there with my kids. Then I
discovered Baby Sensory and fell in love on the spot. What an amazing program! It is
positive, preventive (not problem driven), and it's a great inspiration for parents. During class
parents learn all about children's developmental phases and how parents can
stimulate their development through play, communication, games, and music. And most of
all it is just a lot of fun. After Baby Sensory, I took on Toddler Sense, an adventurous play program
for curious toddlers combining gym, music and dance. Followed by Mini Professors, the science
classes for kids starting at the young age of 2,5 years old. The last amazing program to be added
to the list was Little Makers (formerly known as My Little van Gogh) the Reggio Emilia inspired free
flow art atelier. With the 4 unique and complementary programs we service hundreds of families, kids
and parents from birth till 12 years with sensory programs, movement, art, music and science.


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