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Anne is a “recovering supermum.” As a career woman, wife, and mum with two young boys, Anne became overwhelmed with the crazy expectations of motherhood and her belief that everything had to be perfect.
Her daily treadmill of routines left her wondering if this was all there was to life. She didn’t want to lose another day resenting her life as a mum, so she turned her focus on how to thrive in and beyond motherhood.
Today, Anne Rajoo is a motherhood coach and NLP practitioner and shares practical wisdom and strategies with mums around the world, encouraging, equipping, and challenging them to break patterns and say YES to themselves. Through her coaching Anne helps mums of all ages truly connect to themselves, feel alive, and take confident action towards creating a life they love.


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  • Main diploma : NLP Practitioner
  • Other diploma : Motherhood Studies Practitioner
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