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My name is Aleksandra (Ola) Wysocka. I am a mother and I have a Master in psychology. In 2015, I became the first child sleep consultant in the Netherlands with the American Gentle Sleep Coach certificate. Since then, I have helped hundreds of families recover healthy sleep in the whole Europe and around the globe. I have been working with children for over 15 years, and I gained experience as a carer of children with disabilities, an assistant in integration kindergartens, organizer of art workshops and a professional nanny.

I help with:
- Frequent night wakening
- Early rising
- Rocking, nursing, holding to sleep
- Short naps or no naps
- Nap transition (from 2 to 1 nap and 1 to no nap)
- Sleep recovery after sickness or travels
...and many more!

As professional child sleep consultants and promoters of the Gentle Sleep Coaching program, I do not use the so-called cry it out methods and I don’t believe in one golden method for all kids. I focus on proven but gentle methods and know that healthy sleep for each child depends on many factors. The sleep plan is always tailored to the needs of the child and parents.

I believe that rush is not an ally of a child’s healthy sleep. Both you and your child need time and calmness to successfully finish learning sleep. That is why I can offer you several weeks of support within one package.


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  • Main diploma : Certified Gentle Sleep Coach®
  • Other diploma : 4-5 month Old Program - GSC Training Program by Sleep Lady Solutions
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Average based on 5 reviews
Haleh -.

I would like to especially thank Ola Wysocka for her continued support. She is so professional and friendly as well. Our 9 months baby now sleeps the whole night without break. Isn’t it awesome compare to 5 or 6 times awakening per night.

Andrea -.

We are so thankful for Ola’s help in teaching our little one to sleep through the night! We had followed sleep guides on our own and at 8 months bubs wasn’t a particularly bad sleeper but we were always unsure whether we needed to shorten or lengthen nap times or move bed times earlier or later, we were constantly second guessing ourselves.. Ola’s coaching helped us join all the gaps together with an easy routine and quick answers to our questions. Within two weeks we went from getting up two or three times a night to everyone sleeping through! Thanks again Ola!

Elena -.

Ola has been an angel in our lives! Best decision we have made was to contact her ???? It was 7 months since our second daughter was born and the little sleep together with very frequent night wakenings were making our daily lives with work and a 2 years old toddler very tiering. Olivia was a difficult sleeper since she was born (unlike our first one who was a sleepy beauty!). On a “good” night (not often..) Olivia would wake up ‘only’ 5 times…we were exhausted. I thought I tried it all before, but obviously I didn’t! With Ola’s advises and guidelines we started to notice very soon improvements! Ola also made sure that we as parents were OK with her methods and different proposals. All of them were very gentle and I was very happy Ilearned how to comfort my little one and guide her to learn the sleeping habits that worked for us as a family of 4. It was amazing to see the progress, not only on her sleep, but also during her times being awake! Since she started to be be rested she was a much happier baby when she was awake. We can’t thank Ola enough, she has brought the much needed sleep back to our lives and now we have the energy levels ready to start every morning with our two girls! :-)

Anna -.

Ola literally saved me. I contacted her on the edge of a total despair, not getting any sleep at night, amidst total chaos… She helped me a lot! Setting up a rhythm for my child, step by step, and finally we are happy and sleeping! all of us. She is very professional, caring and dedicated. I recommend Tiny Sleepyhead to all desperate moms, in need of sleep! ♥️

Tanya -.

With 2 little kids waking up every few hours every night we were desperate to some rest and thanks to Ola we had results immediately, already on the first night! She came up with a very personalised and detailed plan for each of my kids that lead to great results. Cannot recommend her enough.