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Hi, my name is Nathalie Parmentier and I live in the Netherlands for more than 25 years.
I'm originally French and I speak fluently English and Dutch.
I'm an Engineer (Master of Science), Classic Homeopath and Orthomolecular Therapist, with a basic medical diploma.
After more than 20 years practise, my experience is that I obtain the best results for my patients by combining different natural therapies such as homeopathy, food supplements, food advices, plants, essential oils and, when needed, laboratorial tests such as general blood tests, allergy and intolerance tests, hormonals' tests, etc..
I offer consultations in Amsterdam, in Laren (30 minutes from Amsterdam by car) and per video.
My agenda indicates my availability for video consultations or consultations in Laren. In case you want to make an appointment in Amsterdam, please check with me per email. I also need to check a practise room availability in my clinic from Amsterdam because it is shared with other therapists.


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  • Phone number : +31 644958698
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  • KVK-number : 53126602
  • VAT-number : Consultations are not subject to VAT
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My Diplomas & Trainings

  • Main diploma : Master of Science – Engineer (1986)
  • Other diploma : Basic Medical Diploma (2006 and 2016)
  • Other diploma : Classic Homeopath and food supplements adviser (2011)
  • Other diploma : Orthomolecular Therapist, Laboratorium check-up, allergies and intolerance check-up, hormonal check-up