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Welcome to Stralende Mama, nice of you to come and have a look at my profile.

My name is Alejandra Alarcón and I am originally from Chili. The Netherlands has been my home now for a very long time where I enjoy working and living with my family. I am a mother to two wonderful girls who have transformed me through my pregnancy and birth as a woman. It has been such a special, exciting, positive and wonderful experience to me. First of all the extremes our bodies can handle, the privilege of being pregnant and having a child. Because of these experiences and my never failing positive outlook I have decided to turn this into my work.

I found my calling in hypnobirthing, a technique that by now I have been sharing for years with love and immense pleasure. I have also delved deeper into learning about the process and tradition of birthing. I am also a certified Doula, pregnancy and parent & child yoga teacher, and an official MBR therapist. This in order to get to a deeper level and to help mothers and fathers over a longer period of time. I am also currently following a training in processing Trauma for babies and toddlers, so that I am also able to further understand and help this small target group. And to help parents understand why a child feels the way they feel after experiencing something like that.

What used to be just my passion has now become my mission to share with the world. I look forward to sharing it with you!


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  • Main diploma : Mucha Mama Hypnobirthing Teacher
  • Other diploma : Blije Mama Massage Teacher
  • Other diploma : Certified Shantala Babymassage Teacher
  • Other diploma : Certified Yoga Teacher