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Hi! I'm Joana. I was born in Portugal in the beautiful city of Porto. I have been living in The Hague with my husband since 2009. We became parents in 2010 and our lives were turned upside down! We now have 3 beautiful boys. The first year of the eldest was a difficult period with various medical examinations. Because of this we had a lot of worries and he was also a restless baby who cried a lot! The middle one taught me that I can function (sort of or) with very little sleep. With the youngest I had to look for a solution and then, luckily, I found the Dream Rhythm Method! Because with 2 school-age children and a demanding job, the broken nights had a lot of impact in my life. I am a person who always carries on… no whining, just keep going! But, gosh, you can't do that without sleeping! My memory no longer worked, no energy, impatient, headache, sick more often ... Does this sound familiar?

In addition to being a sleep coach, I am also a Neonatology Nurse! In 2004 I obtained my nursing diploma. It was during this training that I found out that babies are my passion. Since then I have worked in various Neonatology. In 2008 I followed the intensive care neonatology nurse training in Sophia Children's Hospital.

It is with great pleasure that I care for premature and sick babies. But also their parents! It is an incredibly tough period: no nice maternity week, no pink cloud but tubes, bells and worries. But despite everything, parents are going to get to know their baby. I find it special to be able to help these parents in the process of going home with their baby ♥︎


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