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Hi, my name is Steffie and I'm a doula (in training), coach and reiki practitioner. I focus my services on navigating conscious conception, pregnancy, birth, parenthood & partnership - basically: transformations!

I deeply believe that in pregnancy and childbirth you’re not only creating a new little person, but also you, your relationship(s), outlook on life, priorities, etc. transform. I hear from women a lot that themes they thought were processed and past, resurface in a slightly different form or more ruthlessly. And this doesn't stop after childbirth, parenting is another adventure. Navigating it is raw, brave, beautiful and different from what you expected. I guide you in these shifts.

When my mother celebrated a birth, she made sure to gift the parents with something for them. No baby clothes, stuffed animals, etc., but a massage, food, a book, good wine to look forward to.
It’s the kind of doula that I want to be; for parents. Make sure that YOU are doing good, individually and as a couple. I offer a dedicated safe space to talk about and practice what to expect, and also to discuss and work though the unexpected parts that come along. Moving through transformation, preparing for a new chapter. You are in charge, it’s whatever you want it to be, but you don’t have to do it alone.


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  • Main diploma : Doula in training @ BiA Doula Training
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  • Other diploma : Reiki 1&2 @ Healing Space
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