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Hi, my name is Steffie and I'm a doula (in training), coach and reiki practitioner. I focus my services on navigating conscious conception, pregnancy, birth, parenthood & partnership - basically: transformations!

I deeply believe that in pregnancy and childbirth you’re not only creating a new little person, but you yourself are also going through transformation, as is your relationship(s), outlook on life, priorities, etc.. I hear from women a lot that themes they thought were processed and past, resurface in a slightly different form or more ruthlessly, it becomes harder to push away and really ask to be faced. My reason for working with pregnancy and birth is basically to help navigate the identity shift that happens, and because I believe that all themes that (re)surface can be worked with for personal growth.
I think you can choose to see it as an invitation to face it and come out the other end feeling closer to your core!

Something my mother did when I was young really stuck with me, when she celebrated a birth, she made sure to gift the parents with something for them. So not new baby clothes, stuffed animals, etc., but a massage, food, a book, good wine to look forward to.
It’s the kind of doula that I want to be; for parents. Make sure that YOU are doing good, individually and as a couple. I offer a dedicated safe space to talk about and practice what to expect, and also to discuss and work though the unexpected parts that come along. Moving through transformation, preparing for a new chapter. You are in charge, it’s whatever you want it to be, but you don’t have to do it alone.


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