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Hi there! I am Adrienn, reflexology therapist to bring your sole (and your soul) in balance.

After working in a corporate environment for many years, I started wondering if I am on the right path. At one point I continuously felt like something was missing.

I became more and more interested in complementary therapies and started to discover ways to directly help people in becoming healthy and staying healthy. We are used to treating the symptoms of a disease rather than looking for the root cause or even better, preventing illness. Many of us are too busy to spend time and energy on ourselves while we know that in the long term our bodies would thank us for our efforts.

After attending a reflexology workshop, I decided to follow a 3-year long education to become a professional reflexology therapist. In 2020 I finished my studies at Total Health Academy and decided to quit my job to fully focus on my reflexology practice. I have specialized in reflexology for pregnant women as well as treatments for women with menstruation problems.


  • Parentally practitioners

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  • Phone number : +31202157560
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  • Instagram : @soleinbalance
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  • KVK-number : 82297835
  • VAT-number : NL003670747B95
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My Diplomas & Trainings

  • Main diploma : FootreflexPlus Therapy/Total Health Academy
  • Other diploma : Western Medicine Fundamentals/Con Amore
  • Other diploma :
  • Other diploma :


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Dorothée C.

I recommend reflexology treatment with Adrienn to help go into labor. Adrienn is really an expert, enables you to reply relax and gives awesome acupressure points advices. I will definitely book other treatments with her, for postnatal care this time!

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Laura W.

Adrienn had a very calming and relaxing vibe around her and in the practice. The massage was heaven, perfect how she managed to keep me somewhere in between thoughtless dreamland while staying awake and fully enjoy every minute of it.

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Tanja K.

Loved it! Adrienn's massage was relaxed at home!

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Renée G.

The reflexology treatment was so good. I underestimated the power of feet. When Adrienn massaged me, I felt my whole body, in particular my baby belly! Very interesting to know what parts of the feet reflects your body. It was an amazing experience, at home :-) And Adrienn was very kind!!!!

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