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After working as a doula and nanny for a long time, I gained a lot of experience with both children and parents. It was always so gratifying to know that parents trusted me in such unique moments. Like the birth of their first baby or during the most important phase of a human being... childhood.

When I got pregnant in 2018, I believed that with all this experience, I was going to nail motherhood. But what I did not know is that maternity brings a lot more fears and insecurities. When my baby started having problems sleeping, all those nights awake and the stress of not knowing what to do aggravated those insecurities.

​My baby and I were both exhausted! Since then, I have started to develop an ever-growing interest in sleep science.
I slowly started to apply what I've learned to my own family and quickly saw the incredible changes in my baby's sleeping habits. I finally realized that it is not normal for a baby to stay awake at night. My baby had trouble sleeping not because he was "difficult" or because I was failing as a mother. I just didn't know before there is so much more to the science of sleep than we think.

That's when I made the decision to get my 'Holistic Sleep Consultancy' certification. Now I can share my expertise with other families too. Your family! Your little one can and will sleep both day and night with my holistic, and personalised advice and strategies.


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Hellen R.

Conquering gentle sleep for my little one with Pamela was life changing and I am eternally grateful to her. This is coming from a baby who never used to nap more than 30 mins and with multiple wake ups during the night that it was just hard to keep track. My baby is now napping and sleeping during the night without hassle. I was always so stressed about sleep training and never thoughts this would be possible. Thank you sooo much Pamela.

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Natassia M.

Before I hired Pamela, I had a lot of problems with my 1 year old baby not sleeping at night. This started when he was 4 months old. I did not know what else to do. I can't thank her enough for all the help. Today, we sleep so much better. Our quality of life improved tremendously, and now I can dedicate much more time to my family. Without a doubt, the best investment and decision we've ever made.

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