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My name is Zsofia Zsigmond. I am a Certified Professional Coach. I'm originally from Hungary but due to family reason we relocated to Amsterdam just before Covid hit. I have two daughters one is in her teenage years ( we are riding the emotional rollercoaster ) and the other one is 9 years old.
Becoming a mother is the biggest transition that anyone can imagine. Not only our body changes but our identity as well. A newly born mother has to figure out who she is, what are her values, her beliefs. What kind of mother she wants to become.
To tell you the truth, I thought that the hardest part of becoming a mother would be that I will have sleep deprivation. But that is just a small part of it. Have I ever imagined that going to the bathroom alone would be a luxury? That all my relationships would change? That the expression of self -care would be unknown for me? That I would experience a new level of shame? The shame. I am not good enough. I’m not enjoying motherhood as much as I am supposed to.
Coaching has so many tools that are truly supportive of this transition. Every person experiences motherhood differently. But what all mothers are facing is the overwhelming emotional and physical change that they need to deal with. Coaching can support the mothers by creating a safe space for them to discover how they truly feel without any judgement. I need to be by their side on this wonderful but also very overwhelming journey. No mother should ever feel alone during this period.


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