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Hello! We are Daphne and Mimi and, together with our founder, Eowyn, are here to support you with and guide you through the complexities of all aspects of multilingual child-rearing. Of course, always tailored to your unique family dynamics!

I am Daphne and I am a New York-qualified international human rights lawyer. I have lived and worked as an expat since 2006, first in Italy and Bosnia-Herzegovina, followed by the UK (London), the Democratic Republic of the Congo (Kinshasa) and the Netherlands (The Hague). In 2023 I moved to Athens, where I currently live with my husband and three children. I am a CELTA-qualified English language trainer and am currently pursuing a Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching Multilingual Learners. Being fluent in English, French, Greek and Italian, I also have a working knowledge of Dutch and Spanish. Motivated by this passion, and by my own experience in raising multilingual children, I am dedicated to helping families create an environment that fosters multilingual development. I am also an avid writer on expat issues, including the role of language on cultural identity.

I am Mimi. I moved to Munich, Germany from Bulgaria in 2000, where I completed my Master’s degree in English Linguistics and Applied Linguistics. I am a CELTA-qualified English language trainer and hold a Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching Multilingual Learners. I am fluent in Bulgarian, English and German and have a basic command of Dutch and Russian. My career initially led me through more than a decade of diverse experiences in international corporate settings. Yet, my heart always remained closely tied to my linguistic 'roots.' Driven by my passion, I embarked on a fresh and more purposeful journey. My mission? To guide and support families as they navigate the intricate landscape of multilingualism.
I have been living in the Netherlands (just outside of Amsterdam) for the past five years with my husband and two children.

Dr. Eowyn Crisfield, founder and lead adviser, is a qualified language teacher (BEd Teaching English as a second language) and Applied Linguist (MA and PhD Applied Linguistics), with specialisations in child bilingualism and education. She is also the (co) author of two books and a Senior Lecturer in TESOL at Oxford Brookes University.

Being not only language professionals, but also mums of multilingual children, our expertise is grounded in a combination of scientific research and hands-on, day-to-day practice alike. Our mission is to empower, support and educate families and professionals on bi-/multilingualism in development and family language planning.


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Tom V.

Clear and scientifically backed up advice.

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Nastia P.

I like the fact that you really took your time to get to know our family languages situation and our needs and expectations, instead of just giving us a theoretical and general idea of what multilingualism is. You offered us an additional (free of charge) session due to the complexity of our case and you made sure we understand all aspects of that. We discussed different strategies and after that you provided the plan that gives us a clear guide lines. I think your service is great!

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Alejandra F.

We really enjoyed the conversations. They were very professional and at the same time felt like talking to mom friends that were in a similar situation. My husband and I were struggling to figure out a way to give all our languages space and importance and these conversations made us feel more comfortable with our language decisions and also to understand the importance that the different languages had for each of us. It helped us to see the big picture and understand the language plan as a family goal as opposed to my language against his languages or something like this.

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