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As your doula, my goal is to help you to feel relaxed, comfortable, and safe during and after birth. I work with expat families who are looking to extend their support network during pregnancy, birth, and the early postpartum period. I offer informational, emotional, and physical support. Every family I work with has different needs, and I am here to offer you personalized support to decide exactly what you want and need for your birth. I can help by answering questions about birth and parenthood, supporting your partner to be equally involved in the process, and supporting you to feel prepared and ready for birth and the postpartum period. I will ensure you have the tools and support you need to feel relaxed and nurtured after birth.

I support all types of birth experiences, including: home births, hospital births, c-sections, inductions, and vaginal delivery. I specialize in holistic maternity care, offering a variety of wellness methods to incorporate into your prenatal plan and birth, including mindfulness, yoga, and medicinal nutrition. These methods are completely at your disposal to design a birth experience that speaks to you.

If you have minimal income, please contact me anyways to inquire about the possibilities.

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