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I'm Pascale and I'm French. I'm the mother of two grown-ups and I leave in Amsterdam with my partner Allan.

I'm passionate about everything related to pregnancy, birth and post-partum.

I do therapeutic massages (Chinese medicine) to ease the painful symptoms of the pregnancy (sciatica, acidic reflux, insomnia, pelvic pains...) and I prepare the body for the birth. I give Qiqong lessons which is a combination of auto-massages, breathing and relaxing methods to keep the body energetically balanced. As a doula, I support women during birth and after birth for postpartum (massages, cooking, general support).


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  • Phone number : +31 0641236580
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  • Instagram : @pascaleshealinghands
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  • KVK-number : 69369100
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My Diplomas & Trainings

  • Main diploma : Therapeutic pregnancy massages
  • Other diploma : Qiqong teacher
  • Other diploma : Birth Doula
  • Other diploma : Post-partum doula


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Nehad Z.

Pascale is really professional and I felt a huge difference during and after the session. I never thought that the massage would give me so much relief and ease the pain it totally exceeded my expectations thanks to Pascale. I loved how she walked me through the procedure and made sure I understood everything and that I am comfortable all along the session.

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Maryline D.

I totally recommend Pascale's Healing Hands services! I had the chance to meet Pascale during my pregnancy and she acted as an angel as soon as I needed her. She was incredibly resourceful to provide me with the right support during the challenging parts of my pregnancy, labor and post-partum. Indeed, while I was asked during labor to reconsider and abandon my Birth Plan because of some complications, Pascale helped tremendously with all her knowledge as a professional and intuition to overcome the situation quickly and find the solutions that made my dream Birth Plan come true at the end.

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Emilie L.

J'ai eu une séance de massage/acupression durant mon 9e mois de grossesse avec Pascale. Tout au long de ma grossesse j'avais très mal dans le bas du dos et au pelvis, et je voyais un spécialiste pour cela. Lors d' une séance avec Pascale, mes douleurs ont disparu.
Cette séance de massage acupression m'a fait un grand bien et dénoué pas mal de nœuds qui m'ont permis de mieux appréhender mon accouchement.
L'expérience et le professionnalisme de Pascale se ressentent dans sa pratique, dans les explications et les précieux conseils qu'elle a pu me donner.
 Je renouvellerai l'expérience avec Pascale même après l'accouchement.

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Amélie L.

Pascale est très professionnelle et efficace. En 2 séances, mon corps était beaucoup plus détendu, mon bébé avait davantage de place et je pouvais enfin dormir correctement la nuit. Ces explications sont très utiles et ses mains sont magiques! Merci Pascale

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Suus V.

Very pleased with Pascale! She helped me by massaging me in my 41st pregnancy week with a massage based on acupuncture points. She works in a gentle way and has a lot of expertise also because of her experience as a doula. You can also tell she really likes helping and make sure the visit is helpful for you. The place was very clean. Wish I had known about her a bit earlier in my pregnancy!

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Morgane B.

I went to see Pascale on week 37 of my pregnancy. She was kind enough to plan an appointment last minute before she went on holidays!
I did not have any specific reasons (no pain and not ready to be “induced”) but a friend had told me about Pascale’s technique and I went out of curiosity.
It was a great session; super interesting discussion, Pascale explained to me her technique and all the theory around the meridians etc. I found it fascinating. Her massage definitely made me more relaxed for the delivery (I did not have specific pain but I did have a couple of tension points obviously).
The delivery went very well, it even went according to plan (that says something). I cannot know for sure if there was a link, but Pascale definitely had a positive influence on the end of the pregnancy and maybe on the smooth delivery.
If you’re pregnant, at the beginning or the end, go for it, it can only be a positive experience. I wrote in English but I am French and it was also so nice to be able to speak in my mother tongue with her! Encore Merci Pascale!

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