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I am osteopath DO since 2015, physical therapist since 2009 and I practice Reiki level 1&2. I worked with expecting mothers, mothers, babies for 10 years now. I first work in Paris then in NYC for 6 years and now in Amsterdam. I work with dancers as well and like myself dancing. I am the mother of two boys born and raised in NYC. Motherhood and expatriation are an adventure and a challenge.

Nov 2022 Osteopath, Amsterdam-NL
Nov 2022 Osteopath for MOMIX, a company of dancer-illusionists founded and directed by Moses Pendleton, Haarlem-NL
Jan 2018 - July 2022 Physcical Therapist-Osteopath-Reiki Practitioner, NYC-USA
Aug 2018 Osteopath for Martha Graham Dance Company, Paris-France
June 2018 Conference for AASFHP- Anorexia, NYC-USA
May 2018 Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation Workshop, NYC-USA
Feb 2016 - Jan 2018 Physical Therapist-Osteopath, NYC-USA
Apr 2017 Physical Therapist for the Compagnie CNDC/Angers direct by Robert Swinston, NYC-USA
Apr 2016 Physical Therapist for Ballet Preljoclaj-Empty Moves, NYC-USA
Sept 2009- Jan 2016 Self employed as a Physical Therapist and Osteopath, work with Le Samovar, and Yoann Bourgeois Company, Paris-France


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  • Phone number : +31625245167
  • Email : bouetardeleonore@gmail.com
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  • Website : eleonorebouetard.com

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  • Main diploma : Osteopathy DO
  • Other diploma : Reiki level 1&2
  • Other diploma : Physcial Therapy DE
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