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Since my childhood I have been interested in biology and nature. As a child I liked to work with my hands and I was a gymnastic at a relatively high level. The combination of these interests led me to study physiotherapy at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. In the following thirteen years I worked as a physiotherapist in various sports medicine practices in Amsterdam, Amstelveen and Switzerland.
After graduating, I specialised as a registered lymphedema therapist in 2006, in which I worked closely with the VUMC (head and neck oncology). As an edema therapist I also treated and coached many people during their recovery from breast and skin cancer.

I enjoyed my work very much but believed I could give even more. My interest in the human body reaches further than just the physical aspect. I realised that there were more influences on one’s health i.e. diet and behaviour. Therefore, the choice to study osteopathy was a logical one. I started this education in 2010 and completed it successfully in 2016. Apart from my registration as osteopath D.O- M.R.O (since 2016) i am also BIG-registered physiotherapist (since 2003).

As an osteopath I enjoy the diversity of people I come in contact with. Each person is unique and with unique challenges, therefore with unique solutions too. Physical conditions ca be treated to many different roots i.e. physiologically, mechanically, nutritionally, and becoming aware of behavioural patterns in oneself.
What fascinates me most in my profession as an osteopath is to investigate who the person in front of me is. How come this person develops these complaints? And what do they need in order to function optimally? Body and mind are inextricably linked. A physical condition can sometimes be maintained by certain behaviour, consciously or unconsciously. Together we examen your complaint and by expressing what could be the underlying issue, you can experience the feeling of being truly seen and heard. This can give insight and space. When you experience space you can often function better (physiologically, mechanically and mentally).
In 2017 and 2018 I have followed various courses, concerning fertility problems in women, pregnancy, childbirth and post-natal recovery. In 2018 I have been schooled in osteopathy in children. Since 2020 i started the 2-year education of Osteopathy in Children at the IAO at Antwerp, which i will finish mid 2021.

At the end of 2017 I traveled through Nepal for 3 months, where I could further develop my interests in yoga and buddhism. I also did voluntary work as an osteopath, physiotherapist, and edema therapist in a local rural hospital in Eastern Nepal.

I believe you will find me to be passionate about my work, with a supportive, cheerful, honest and open attitude. I very much look forward to meeting you in my practice.


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My Diplomas & Trainings

  • Main diploma : Osteopaat-D.O. (m.r.o) - College Sutherland Amsterdam
  • Other diploma : Osteopathie bij kinderen - IAO Antwerpen (2020-2022)
  • Other diploma : Fysiotherapeut - Hogeschool van Amsterdam
  • Other diploma : Hatha Yoga teacher - Yoga Academy Nepal (200hrs)