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Bonjour! I'm Nausicaa.
I live in Amsterdam since 2013 and I'm in love with babies since forever.
Spending those years in the city, I worked when many families & children (at home/ at school / at the Yoga studio) and soon my own (French ;) girlfriends started to have babies. At a certain point, I had to face it: new mums need support in daily life, especially if they live in an other country than their own. In the Netherlands, we have this fabulous system of KRAAMZORG. But... when she's gone and that a mum needs:
- to rest
- to have time for self-care
- to work
- help around the house (cooking/tiding-up)
I'm happy to help! My POSTPORTUM POJECT is called BLOUSE ROSE (I do love pink;) and I can provide:
- BabyCare (2 to 12weeks)
- ChildCare (3 to 36 months)
- Help around the house

I'm inspired by:
- Montessori
- Kids Yoga
- Positive (Non-Violent) Communication
- Baby Sign language (FRENCH)
- Music & Movement
and Love :)