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Even before I had my daughter, I knew I wanted to be a doula. In 2013, I attended my first doula training with Liliana Lammers and the famous French obstetrician Michel Odent. And years later, I trained at Birth Bliss Academy (London) and BiA (Amsterdam). All giving me very different but well-rounded training, contributing to my doula educational experience.

I moved to Amsterdam when I was 4 months pregnant, having to navigate a totally different maternity system as an expat, during a global pandemic. I know how it can feel to be in a new country or new place in your life, excited but also scared of the many unknowns. I’d love to you support you along this wild and individual journey into motherhood. Because after all, as we enter into this new phase of life we also need someone to mother us.

I am a mama to two little ones - Alma and Julius - whose entries into this world were wildly different. I can tell you more about that when we meet :).


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  • Main diploma : Holistic Nutrition - Institute for Integrative Nutrition
  • Other diploma : BiA - Doula Training Amsterdam
  • Other diploma : Paramana - Birth Training London
  • Other diploma : Birth Bliss Academy - Doula Training London