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I am Katia Khomich. I am a certified mindfulness & mindset coach, a yoga therapist, yoga teacher, health coach, and a breath-work facilitator. I alternates breathing, mindfulness, loving-kindness, and movement with modern techniques and insights from cognitive science.
All my work is trauma informed.
My mission is to inspire 10 000 expecting and first-time mothers to master mindfulness, mindset and breath and approach giving birth and motherhood in an empowered, wise way. I am also a mom of a baby girl and a wife, a daughter myself. People call me calm and insightful. I teach what I practice and what helps me daily.


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  • Main diploma : Mindfulness Meditation and Compassion Practices Facilitator and Teacher
  • Other diploma : Yoga Therapy
  • Other diploma : MBSR teacher
  • Other diploma : Health Coach


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Inna -.

The mindfulness course by Katia helped me a lot during my pregnancy, but moreover it helps me after giving birth. For the whole first month I had been super tired, didn’t get enough sleep and had many difficulties with breastfeeding. To be honest I wasn’t prepared for it, because I thought I would be able to breastfeed my baby without any trouble. Mindfulness helps me not to blame myself and to accept the combined feeding with a formula. Besides that Katia is such a wonderful person which energizes you and gives positive thoughts!

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Karen -.

I loved the first session about Mindfulness in the context of pregnancy and labour. I loved the comparison with training the mind just like I train my body in the gym. And I related to the concept of choice. I think for the first time I felt inspired to actually give it a chance. But also, I empowered to do this practice on my own terms.

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