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Marissa W.

Ayelet was very helpful in mentally preparing me for labor and delivery. We had 4 one-on-one sessions over Zoom. She is kind, authentic, and caring. I felt like we connected well, and she understood my concerns around giving birth. Plus, my baby was in breech position, so she went out of her way to research more on that circumstance and helped me learn and prepare for it. I will say that the classes could have been structured a bit better. For example, having a sort of "syllabus" to know what I was going to learn and a workbook to practice what I'd learned might have been useful. I did get one pdf handout, but I found that it didn't exaclty connect to the things we talked about in our sessions. So perhaps more alignment on that. Overall, I would recommend Ayelet as a hypnobirthing instructor. My mindset shifted significantly for the better in the few weeks we worked together and she helped me view childbirth as less scary and more of an exciting and empowering experience to look forward to. Ironically, in our final session, we had just completed a "fear release" hypnosis, and when I opened my eyes to continue the class... my water broke! I truly believe both baby & I were so relaxed and ready, the process started right then and there. :)