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[The best experience I could get] As a first time mom, in a different country, during a pandemic, being pregnant got overwhelming at times! It was great to have Verloskundigen 101 midwives to answer all my questions and ease my fears. I really appreciated the online information evening, not only for the info about where to give birth and available pain relieves but also for creating a network of pregnant expats that live close by. Some of us are still going out for walks (now with our babies)! Regarding labour, I had the best experience one could get although quite different from what we had planned! My labour was so fast that ended up being at home. The midwife was super sweet and guided me very clearly and patiently through the pain. I really believe her instructions were essential to ease the pain and push it through! I'm very grateful for her. During the first week postpartum, they were also checking on us regularly and were 24 hours available by phone if needed (and I sure needed)!

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