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Hi! My name is Ruth Seaton and I am the lactation consultant behind Mama Ruth Lactation Consulting. My desire is to come alongside families to support your breastfeeding journey. I want to listen to your needs and wants, combine that with my knowledge and experience, and together create a plan that nourishes the whole family.

My professional qualifications include working as a nurse in the USA for 10 years, in the Neonatal ICU and High Risk Obstetrics Clinic. In addition to my certification as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), I also hold a certification in NICU Nursing & a Masters degree in Nursing Education. My experiences as a nurse have provided me an excellent background in lactation and newborn feeding.

I am a native English speaker.

Ways I can help:
- Prenatal Prep Session – a review of supplies and knowledge to give you a smooth start to breastfeeding
- Home Lactation Consult – to discuss latch, supply, bottles, milk storage, pumping, engorgement, tandem feeding, weaning, sore nipples, and more. This includes a virtual follow up consult within 1 week (depending on time frame needs).
- Return to Work Consult – a planning session to review pumping, bottle feeding, and ease the transition for you and baby
- Virtual Consult – while many lactation questions are best helped in person, I am also available for virtual consults via videoconference.

For questions or to schedule a consult, email at Ruth[at]mamaruthlactation[dot]com or see www[dot]mamaruthlactation[dot]com

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  • Main diploma : Bachelors of Science in Nursing from Union University in Tennessee, USA
  • Other diploma : Masters of Science in Nursing Education from Union University in Tennessee, USA
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