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I bring extensive experience as a Mediator and Educator for children with Autism (3-12 years old), utilizing positive methods to passionately design personalized programs aimed at helping kids thrive emotionally, socially, and cognitively. My approach involves close collaboration with families, employing interactive methods to create nurturing environments for their children's development

Drawing on these 10 years of experience, I decided to establish Ludica Workshops—a space dedicated to connecting, creating, and playing with both neurotypical and neurodivergent children and their parents.

What is Neurotypical and Neurodivergent?
Neurotypical children have typical neurological development. Neurodivergent children will exhibit atypical neurological development, which, may include Autism, ADHD, or other neurological differences.

Claudia Carter


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  • Main diploma : Mediation
  • Other diploma : Children's House Assistant Montessori
  • Other diploma : DIR Floortime
  • Other diploma : Toddler Dance


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Cecilia L.

I definitely recommend Claudia’s ‘’Connecting 2 Children’’ course! First and foremost, the idea to teach and emotional language that aimed at children is unique and brilliant; being the adults of future society, if we teach them how to proper express themselves and their feelings by giving in first place the example of a positive behavior we will plant the seeds of a more conscious and aware environment form now on. I am a mother of a beautiful child of 8, very sensitive and joyful and also very lively, and applying my learnings from this course I help her cope with her frailties and I feel that I’m doing my best as a parent. Claudia is a warm-hearted, authentic and strong woman; she has a natural capability to make you feel comfortable and listened, her style is bright and quite yet firm and definitely by the time you end the course you have become fond of her!

Giulia C.

I followed this course because I work with kids and I wanted to improve my awareness in creating a connection with them. I think it is important to understand that every single action has a strong impact on kids, whether they are our own children or not. Thanks to Claudia I learn a lot of tools I can use everyday, but more importantly I also learnt to reconnect with my inner child. I went deep and I understood a lot about myself and my own childhood. This was possible because we as a group create a safe space where we could share without judgements our feelings and weakness. Thank you Claudia and Thank you group! A happy child

Barbora M.

I would like to make everyone think openly and deeply like Claudia has made us; sensitive to every need of everyone around. We are sometimes stubborn and we don’t want to think out of the box. We suppose we know everything the best. The best for us, the best for our children. But do we really get all the signals right? Do we really listen and do we take time to think about our answer, reaction, expression? This course is not just about connecting to your children. To do so, you learn that you need to first propreely connect to the child within yourself. It can be somehow surprising how much care and connection all children need, your small self included! Claudia has a gift of being a gentle and encouraging guide helping to unpuzzle the deep patterns of our behavior which can hurt our children. As she always offers some solution.  Thank you Claudia for squeezing the best of us!

Tea T.

Claudia’s workshop ‘’Connecting 2 Children’’ was a mind-opener, it provided a fresh perspective on children and how to interact with them. From re-discovering our inner child to the exercises and tools she provided us with, this has been a very interesting journey for all participants. What I liked the most about this course is that Claudia doesn’t offer you a bag with tricks to use with kids, but a whole approach that can be used with adults as well and that will reshape the way we interact with other people and with ourselves as well. I’m glad I participated in this course and I would recommend it to parents or professional figures working with children.