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Hi, I’m Laila and I’m a life coach and founder of the Grounded Mom.

Within the Grounded Mom coaching program, I help hardworking moms move away from keeping all plates spinning to calmness, confidence and empowerment.

Does it feel like you constantly have to manage conflicting priorities in all areas of your life? For every decision it feels like you are falling short in another area; within your work, family life, relationship and even in your health and fitness. Are you tired of constantly carrying guilt towards everyone else and yourself?

Within this transformative coaching program, we work on building a strong foundation within yourself so you can learn to let go of perfectionism, the fear of not doing enough and the disappointment that comes with it.

This will allow you to connect and empower yourself so you can live according to your core values whilst being confident to speak out about what you need within motherhood, work and beyond!

‘‘This program brought me so much! From constant guilt towards the children, relationships or work to self-confidence and - almost ;) - no more guilt. This means no more tears when saying goodby to the children when going to work, etc. That alone is so valuable. Her knowledge has given me enormous insights into my patterns. I am grateful that I made time for this in my very busy schedule because it has really brought me a lot, both privately and at work.’’


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  • Main diploma : Socratic coaching
  • Other diploma : Business Administration
  • Other diploma : nutrition
  • Other diploma : Master in Marketing