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I am Sanne, I live in Amsterdam for over 25 years. I am a psychologist and a single mother by choice. My daughter Lucy was born in December 2016. Her father is an unknown donor who she can meet when she is 16, if Lucy wants to.

I did not find the question of trying to fulfill my desire to have children without a partner an easy one. I didn't know where to start and had so many questions and doubts. I explored and considered many options. I felt the need to talk about this with someone. I didn't need therapy but I also didn't want to just talk to friends. After Lucy was born, many women came to me to talk to me. That's how Kinderwensloket was born.

In addition to Kinderwensloket, I work as a psychology lecturer at the University of Amsterdam. I train students to become psychologist-trainers and teach counseling to individuals and groups. During my work I also graduated in clinical psychology.


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