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My name is Karina Bertechine and I am a birth doula, also a Biologist with a Phd in Science. Becoming a mother changed my world in all the possible ways. This life event changed my dreams, perspectives, circumstances, ideas and most importantly, it changed myself. I did not have the birth experience I was expecting and desiring. The fact of not having a safe environment and support for me and my husband brought me to this amazing journey of becoming a Doula. I went deeper into my studies and I became passionate about the power of this profession and how important and beautiful it is to help families in this most important life event.

I passionately donate myself in any situation. I share my unconditional love in both professional and personal life. I like listening carefully and I can easily connect with people from different cultures, lifestyles and beliefs.

I am an expat too! I am naturally Brazilian and I have been living abroad for 6 years. I moved to London in 2016 with my husband to finish part of my PhD and we moved to the Netherlands in 2017.


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