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I'm Valentina, mother of 3, doula and early childhood specialist. I'm Italian, living in the Netherlands since 2012. I am fascinated by birth and the spiritual transformation we go through while expecting and entering motherhood.
"Juno births" comes from Juno Lucina, an ancient roman goddess who protected mothers and women and brought their children to light into this world. My goal as a doula is to support mothers to feel empowered to take back the agency of their own birthing process and be reminded of the power they possess while birthing. Mothers are goddesses and need to be treated that way.

For most of my life, I worked as an early childhood educator and pedagogue. I can answer all your questions about parenting, child development and behaviour strategies.


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  • Phone number : +31-0623480540
  • Email : valentina@junobirths.nl
  • Instagram : @juno_births
  • Website : www.junobirths.nl

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  • Main diploma : Birth Doula
  • Other diploma : B.A. Pedagogical Sciences
  • Other diploma : M.A. Education
  • Other diploma : Early years and primary teaching