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My name is Stefanie Gatto Herrera. I am originally from Germany, but have been living in Rotterdam since 2013 with my Chilean husband and my son Nicolas. He was born in 2019 and his arrival has changed my life.

Before I was pregnant and during my pregnancy, I heard a lot of traumatic and negative birth stories. In my opinion birth shouldn't be a painful or fearful experience. I came across a different childbirth course: HypnoBirthing. It helped me to empower myself and take responsibility back in giving birth.
I experienced such an incredible birth that I decided I really want to share this knowledge and give other women the opportunity to undergo the miracle of a natural birth. So, in 2019,  I became an official Hypnobirthing instructor. 

I want women to be empowered, so that they can realize they have freedom of choice and can find the confidence in themselves and in their bodies. I also want to show partners how they can give substance to their supporting role. When women and their partners are well prepared, the optimal conditions are created for a quiet, safe and gentle birth. My goal is to let as many parents and babies experience this as possible.

As an ex-pat in a country with a different language, the birthing system is challenging. For me, it was difficult to find a suitable HypnoBirthing course in English. So, I am glad to offer this childbirth class now in English, but also in German on request.


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