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Den Haag, Netherlands

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Hello I am a Lactation Consultant IBCLC and work in The Hague and surrounding areas. I have a passion for helping new mothers. Having been one myself living in a different country from my own I know how difficult and sometimes lonely it can be. I speak English and Dutch and have specialized experience with babies with tongue ties. I also have a diploma in Nutrition and am very interested in healthy eating. i look forward to meeting you.


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Contact details

  • Phone number : +31 06 122 196 34
  • Email : info@helenmarshall.nl+31
  • Instagram :
  • Website : https://www.helenmarshall.nl

Business info

  • KVK-number : 27375666
  • VAT-number : NL0221882613B01
  • BIG-number :
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My Diplomas & Trainings

  • Main diploma : Certified IBCLC
  • Other diploma : Registered Sick childrens Nurse
  • Other diploma : R.G.N registered General Nurse
  • Other diploma : Nutrition and the microbiom, ( Wageningen university).