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Duivendrecht, Netherlands

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As an osteopath it is my job to help your baby find ease in his/her body.

Also I cherish the basis connection between babies and their mothers.

Do you have a baby where you feel something is not as it could be? Is it crying a lot? Does feeding is a hassle? Do you see a lot of overstreching? Do you as a mother keep pelvic pain after the birth? Do you stay sad or struggle with how your birth went?

I am here for you. Just have a look on my website


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  • Phone number : 0630636208
  • Email : Info@helenkuin.nl
  • Instagram : Osteopathiemoederkind
  • Website : www.helenkuin.nl

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  • KVK-number : 66816033
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  • Main diploma : Osteopathie D.O.
  • Other diploma : Physical therapy
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