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As a certified nutrition coach specialized in fertility, pre-, and postnatal nutrition, I guide moms, moms-to-be, and couples on their unique journeys to parenthood. Whether they're aiming to conceive naturally, through IUI or IVF, preparing for a healthy pregnancy, or transitioning into postpartum, my aim is to empower each of my clients with personal guidance and empathy.

Originally from Belgium, I've called Amsterdam home for the past 7 years, where I live with my husband and our three children aged 8, 11, and 13.

In my free time, you'll find me on my yoga mat, somewhere near the water, or walking or cycling while soaking in nature.

By my bedside, you'll always find a new research paper or nutrition book to feed my insatiable passion and curiosity for nutrition.


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  • Phone number : +31 6 22 15 34 05
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  • Instagram : @the_prenatal_nutritionist
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  • KVK-number : 68570139
  • VAT-number : NL002508751B04
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  • Main diploma : Nutrition Consultant, Bauman College Holistic Nutrition and Culinary Arts
  • Other diploma : Nutrition and lifestyle in Pregnancy from Ludwig Maximilian Universität München
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Jenna P.

Working with Amélie was the best decision I made for myself and my baby when pregnant. She listened to my fears, answered all my questions and supported me with her kindness. I felt supported and felt really good my whole pregnancy.

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Marion E.

I had an amazing experience with Goodnesst. The coach is very insightful, I have never felt judged or criticized. She made sure she understood what was not going so well and gave me tips so that I would be more healthy and feel better in my own body. Never felt forced to follow a strict diet. At Goodnesst, it's really about understanding where you're coming from, where you want to go, and how you want to get there, all in kindness, understanding and acceptation. I loved it!

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Birgit V.

Amelie helped me deal with hyperemesis gravidarum throughout my pregnancy and made sure me and my baby were getting all the proper nutrients. I highly recommend her services if you're pregnant!

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Sarah L.

I was scared to gain a lot of weight while pregnant. Amélie reassured me and helped me eat healthy foods without being on a diet. Even now, 1 year later I have better relationship with food and I now weigh less than before I got pregnant.

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Libby D.

Amelie helped me through a very difficult pregnancy. I was suffering from severe nausea and vomiting for most of my pregnancy. Amelie helped me so much with developing a plan for how to still get the nutrients my baby and I both needed. After each session she sent me a detailed report with information about foods I could try and supplements I should add to ensure my baby was getting all the proper nutrients even with my struggles to eat. Through her suggestions and coaching I was able to find a simple daily routine of foods that my body could handle timed throughout the day that would give me the protein intake needed to manage my nausea and help my baby grow. Later, after my baby was born Amelie coached me in how to eat well for breastfeeding. She also offered helpful advice for introducing solids to my baby at the right time. Throughout the whole journey of pregnancy and breastfeeding Amelie was there for me! When I had questions outside of our scheduled sessions she was always available to answer and give advice. I can highly recommend her services for any pregnant mamas looking for a great nutrition coach throughout their journey!

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