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My name is Flore, a certified midwife since 2012, with nearly a decade of experience in the French healthcare system, primarily in a hospital setting. My commitment to maternal and infant health has grown over the years, during which I have had the privilege of accompanying many women throughout their perinatal journeys.

As a breastfeeding support specialist, I bring a blend of empathy and expertise. I listen attentively to address individual concerns, offering practical advice informed by up-to-date knowledge. My commitment is to create a trusting environment, empowering mothers with the support and guidance needed for a positive and fulfilling breastfeeding journey.

In 2022, I enhanced my practice by undertaking the Bernadette de Gasquet training for the Perineum rehabilitation, a renowned figure in the field of perinatology. This experience strengthened my skills and broadened my perspective, allowing me to bring innovative and body-respecting approaches to the women I support.

As a mother of two children, I intuitively understand the challenges and emotions associated with motherhood. This aspect of my personal life is reflected in my professional practice, where I place a particular emphasis on essential human values such as listening, advising, and empathy. Each woman is unique, each childbirth is a singular experience, and I strive to personalize my approach to meet the specific needs of each expectant mother.

My professional journey is marked by a profound respect for the natural physiology of childbirth and a constant desire to create a trusting environment for the women I accompany. My goal is to support women in their autonomy, to inform and guide them throughout their perinatal journey, ensuring that they feel heard, respected, and safe.

With passion, dedication, and a deep sense of service, I apply my skills to the service of women's health and the well-being of their babies. I look forward to sharing this unique adventure with you and contributing to making this precious moment a memory filled with serenity and kindness.
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  • Phone number : +31620557738
  • Email : flore.smit@hotmail.com
  • Instagram : fsmaternity
  • Website : www.fsmaternity.com

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  • Main diploma : 2012: Midwifery state diploma
  • Other diploma : 2019: Ultrasonographer diploma
  • Other diploma : 2022: Bernadette de Gasquet certification
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