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My name is Pauline, young thirty, nurse, mother of a little girl Augustine and a little boy, Samuel. I have always been amazed by motherhood.
I then followed my passion. I decided to specialise in perinatal well-being in 2017 after the birth of my daughter.

Fleur de Doula has been growing since this fabulous event in my life.

I support you by providing you with informative, physical and emotional support.
I like to bond with each couple so that our relationship is unique like the birth of your baby.

Instagram: @fleur_de_doula
Facebook: @fleurdedoula
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  • Parentally practitioners

Contact details

  • Phone number : +31 0611137552
  • Email : mainguet.pauline.y@gmail.com
  • Instagram : @fleur_de_doula
  • Website : https://www.fleurdedoula.com/

Business info

  • KVK-number : 76644375
  • VAT-number :
  • BIG-number :
  • AGB-Codes :

My Diplomas & Trainings

  • Main diploma : AFA Doula (Belgium - 2019)
  • Other diploma : IAIM Instructor massage baby (Paris - 2017)
  • Other diploma : Nurse (2013)
  • Other diploma : Thalasso Bain Bébé & Maternity Shiatsu - Ecole du bien Naître de Sonia Krief


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Tess P.

A very nice session with Fleur de Doula. Lots of information and good examples. Very fun to do this baby massage session with her!

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