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Flavia S.

Having a baby outside of my home country would be tough, I thought. But it turned out to be the most incredible experience of my life, thanks to Verloskundigen 101 team. I had a miscarriage before and they were super helpful and thoughtful with this bad experience at the time, so I decided to continue with them after our second try. During all the prenatal period I felt they were a great source of support answering all our questions and offering the best service (extra ultrasounds, glucose, and blood tests). During the labor, Ira-Lisa was on call and she was super concerned with my choice of having an epidural. She made the effort to find a place according to all our requests at 4 am! She also stayed with us until the hospital team took over the responsibility, very calm and warm all the time. I have to say that postpartum period was above any of my expectations. I was super overwhelmed at the time without any family member around us and the team showed up (literally) to cheer us up, also very concerned about my mental health by checking how I was dealing with all the emotions at the moment. I am super happy and thankful I had chosen Verloskundigen 101 team to take care of my pregnancy. I highly recommend these experienced, powerful and thoughtful women to anyone that is looking for the best midwives in town! ❤️

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