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Faye K.

We cannot thank Natalie enough for her support before, during and after the birth of our first child. From the start, Natalie took the time to get to know me and developed a lovely supportive relationship over a short period of time. I loved that Natalie is qualified in hypnobirthing and was able to incorporate these principles in her support. Natalie’s calm and reassuring presence during my birth had a positive impact on my mindset, coping mechanisms and stress levels, something I believe significantly contributed towards experiencing a smooth home birth, without any intervention. Natalie was also an advocate for my wishes throughout, supporting me to achieve the birth I had originally planned and wanted. Post birth, Natalie continued to provide amazing emotional support. She is an incredible Doula, she went above and beyond and completely exceeded our expectations around the support a Doula can provide. I would highly recommend her to anyone (you won’t regret it)!.

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