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Ola has been an angel in our lives! Best decision we have made was to contact her ???? It was 7 months since our second daughter was born and the little sleep together with very frequent night wakenings were making our daily lives with work and a 2 years old toddler very tiering. Olivia was a difficult sleeper since she was born (unlike our first one who was a sleepy beauty!). On a “good” night (not often..) Olivia would wake up ‘only’ 5 times…we were exhausted. I thought I tried it all before, but obviously I didn’t! With Ola’s advises and guidelines we started to notice very soon improvements! Ola also made sure that we as parents were OK with her methods and different proposals. All of them were very gentle and I was very happy Ilearned how to comfort my little one and guide her to learn the sleeping habits that worked for us as a family of 4. It was amazing to see the progress, not only on her sleep, but also during her times being awake! Since she started to be be rested she was a much happier baby when she was awake. We can’t thank Ola enough, she has brought the much needed sleep back to our lives and now we have the energy levels ready to start every morning with our two girls! :-)

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