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Hello! Thank you for visiting my profile. My name is Valentina and I work as a doula because I feel a strong motivation for taking care of people who are in labor.

​I think labor is the most physiologically demanding short term change a human body can go through. The process can be intense, surprising and challenging; most certainly it’s immensely meaningful for a person’s life and a family’s history. It requires lots of energy!

It is the calling of my heart to share, enhance and protect such precious energy.


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  • Phone number : +31 625367813
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  • Instagram : @doula_la_valentina
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  • KVK-number : 81546599
  • VAT-number : NL003574730B75
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My Diplomas & Trainings

  • Main diploma : Bia Doula Training (Certified in 2022)
  • Other diploma : Coaching skills for doulas workshop
  • Other diploma : LGBT+ competency workshop
  • Other diploma :


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Susanna I.

Really nice intake meeting. She gave a lot of information and make me feel really good. :)