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My Name is Johana,

I'm originally from Germany but moved to the Netherlands about 3 years ago.
Currently, I'm signed up as a Student Doula at BiA Doula training Amsterdam. For this reason, I'm offering my services at a reduced rate, to gain my certification.
My journey into birth work started a long time ago when I was fascinated by birth, pregnancy, and all the magic that comes with it as a little girl.
My dream was to become a midwife but alas life had a different plan for me. I studied business and became part of the big corporate world.
Forward to last year, I finally decided to follow my heart and pursue my passion for birth work by becoming a Doula.
Over the last year, I have buried myself in books, research, and practical training to gain as many valuable skills to support your birth and make a positive impact.

I can't wait to serve you in this very special moment of your life, holding space for your experience and sharing my knowledge.


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