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I'am originally from Moscow but moved to France 11 years ago to study Architecture and Art. Since then I have lived in the USA, Canada, Austria, Georgia and recently moved to the Netherlands. I'm fluent in French and English, Russian is my mother tongue.
I have always had an affinity with the subject of motherhood and would be the one to listen attentively to new mothers and be passionately interested in every detail of their labour stories and postpartum struggles. I love getting to the bottom of the subject in detail, so I would read studies, looking for the most reliable and scientifically proven information in order to help new parents in my friends and family circle.
Giving care has always been the most meaningful job for me. And even though I don't have my own kids, my reputation of being this passionate geek in the subject of reproductive events would spread around. In the beginning of the pandemic a friend of a friend, who had just given birth to her first baby, contacted me asking to help her going through the postpartum journey. After that I realized that I can study to become a doula, learn more and be even more helpful. Thirsty for knowledge and ready to be in action, I came across the Doula Trainings International where I had my training as a full-spectrum doula.


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