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Hi, I am Sanne van der Vleuten. I worked as a midwife for over 10 years before I started my new mission in life, which is to educate parents about the postpartum period and to guide them through this beautiful and hectic period.

When I myself became a first time mother of a beautiful son in 2016 after a complicated pregnancy and delivery, I had a long and tough recovery. I found the difference in support as a pregnant person and as a mother to be very great. I had the advantage of a relatively extensive knowledge of this period, but what must it be like for parents without this knowledge and experience? After more than 30 in-depth interviews with parents, it became more than clear to me that there is a gap in our birth care system. Namely, information and guidance in and about the postpartum period.
Since then, I have started to specialise in the postpartum period. When my second son was born, me and my partner were well prepared and because of this preparation and all my knowledge I was able to enjoy the first year so much [xxxxxxx] was the final ‘push’ I needed to really change course and set up The Postpartumkundige to give other parents-to-be more knowledge, guidance, tools and self-confidence in that wonderful and hectic first year.


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